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meeting the requirements for Home Owner Associations, Commercial Properties and protects individual property owners and Workers Compensation to protect our employees.


Window Cleaning/ Gutter Cleaning

Roof Moss Removal and Control

Power Washing

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Window Cleaning:



High and Mid-Rise

Safety is our Priority! 

Our personnel are trained to maintain a 'Work Safe' standard during every task performed while continuing to provide a Quality Product !

Gutter Cleaning:


Home Owner Associations

Multi-Family Dwellings

Is your house in a wooded area ?

1.  Gutter Debris prohibits water from reaching the downspout by either blocking its path or clogging the downspout.  This forces water to flow over the gutter edge which will eventually degrade the paint and allow water damage to your wood siding.

2.  Each year this debris further decomposes  and becomes sludge in the bottom of the gutter.  This sludge and accumulated water add considerable weight to your gutter system which will pull the gutter away from the roof.

- Without repair these items will continue to worsen over time.

- Both of these scenarios require significant cost to repair.

Let us perform this preventative maintenance for you following these simple steps:

1. Clean gutter by hand to reduce  overspray and debris on the lawn (All personnel are tied off with safety lines, fall protection systems and a 5-point harness).

2. Rinse out gutters and ensure downspouts are functioning correctly.

3. Make every effort to collect debris from downspouts.

4.  Remove debris and dispose of away from the property.

Roof Moss Removal and Control:

Roof Moss: A common problem in Alaska.  As moss continues to grow it works its way between roofing tiles and around vent piping.  During rainy or wet days the moss acts like a sponge collecting additional moisture.

Where vent piping exits through the roof the moss allows access to the wood below the shingles.  This exposure to moisture will eventually cause degradation of the wood roofing and costly repair. 

Roof Moss is a yearly occurrence.  We will work with each property owner to tailor a maintenance program for their structure to keep roof moss at bay.

BEFORE and AFTER cleaning

Power Washing:

Construction season and high winds in the summer have a tendency to coat buildings with dirt and dust.  We've invested in the best equipment to take care of your needs as efficiently and safely as possible.

Power Washing Capability to 3 Stories High.  If we need to reach higher; we are experienced in man-lift operation and safety up to 80' high.

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 -Power Washing (driveway, structure walls, landscaping)

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