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Closed for the 2022 season.  We are available for estimates and we WILL BE cleaning first floor Commercial All Winter : )

Gutter Cleaning Services


Do you have clogged gutters?

Clogged gutters lead to water damage to your siding. Gutter debris prohibits proper water flow by blocking its path to the downspout. This clog forces water to over flow the gutter and eventually will degrade your paint and create water damage.

Avoiding/ignoring gutter cleaning will create a decomposition of gutter debris. Sludge will build in the bottom of your gutters. If neglected this sludge can accumulate and add considerable weight to your gutter system, which could pull the gutters away from the roof.

A.K. Window Cleaners specializes in preventative gutter cleaning and maintenance. We target clogged gutters and downspouts. They are cleared so water can properly drain through the whole system. After clogs are taken care of, all gutters and downspouts are cleaned by hand and rinsed out. The debris is collected and disposed of away from your property.

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