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Closed for the 2022 season.  We are available for estimates and we WILL BE cleaning first floor Commercial All Winter : )

Roof Moss Removal and Control


Have you noticed moss on your roof shingles?

Roof moss is a common problem. Over time moss will grow between roof tiles, shingles and vent piping. During those rainy days the moss acts like a sponge collecting all the moisture. Moss can allow that moisture to reach the roofing below your tiles or shingles which could damage the roofing material and decrease its usable life.

Roof moss is often a yearly occurrence. Creating a maintenance plan to clear moss and keep it from returning will help lengthen the life of your roof and keep your house looking new.

To avoid a costly roof repair, call A.K. Window Cleaners. We specialize in roof moss removal and control to prevent future damage. Our team will create a tailored maintenance program to eliminate moss on your roof. Bi-yearly contracts are also available.

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